Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development




serves as a critical avenue for scholarship focused on racial, ethnic, cultural, and linguistic concerns.


Application: Theory to Culturally Competent Practice

The purpose of the Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development’s Application series is to frame cross-cultural content in the context of its application to real world experiences/events.  Hence, Applications may relate to how a specific theoretical approach can be culturally adapted in work with a specific population (Application:  Theory to Culturally Competent Practice); how a classroom-based strategy promotes cross-cultural learning among students (Application:  Classroom Teaching to Cultural Competence, for example, teaching practices that include model syllabi and classroom experiences that promote an understanding of various aspects of culturally competent practice); and how a research strategy promotes connections between researchers and the community where data is collected (Application:  Research to Community Outreach), among others.