Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development




serves as a critical avenue for scholarship focused on racial, ethnic, cultural, and linguistic concerns.



A Message from the JMCD Editor


"The vision and scope I bring to JMCD builds upon the excellent work and contribution the journal has made thus far as a leader in multicultural scholarship..." -Dr. Caroline S. Clauss-Ehlers


I am honored to serve as the new Editor of the Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development (JMCD).  My experience and background have focused on work with diverse cultural and linguistic communities in both practice and research settings.  As a bilingual practitioner, I am acutely aware of the importance of delivering culturally and linguistically based services that are responsive and respectful of those whom they are designed to serve.  This work translates into research that seeks to understand how to create systems of care that promote access and utilization of services in both mental health and academic contexts.  

It is a pleasure to introduce JMCD’s editorial team as I move into my second term as editor.  Noël Su, B.S., serves as Editorial Assistant. Debbiesiu Lee, Ph.D., Marie Miville, Ph.D., and Carlos Zalaquett, Ph.D., serve as JMCD’s Associate Editors and bring a vast knowledge of multicultural scholarship to the journal. As an editorial team, we work together to oversee the manuscript submission and review process with a focus on providing constructive feedback to contributors. JMCD has an outstanding editorial board that consists of professionals with diverse areas of expertise and at different stages in their own professional careers. During my first term as editor we were honored to introduce our Consulting Elders Council. The Council consists of luminaries in the field of multicultural scholarship who provide consultation to the editorial team. During this first term we also introduced an Emerging Reviewers component to the journal. Emerging Reviewers are doctoral students who review manuscripts under the supervision and mentoring of an editorial board member. A critical rationale for Emerging Reviewers is to support the next generation of scholars to eventually become journal editors and editorial board members. 

My vision for JMCD focuses on three main objectives.  The first entails the continued focus on practice-based multicultural process and outcome research that incorporates the role of bilingualism in counseling process and outcome including an exploration of the dynamics of code switching or speaking different languages within varying contexts in the counseling relationship. This also touches upon the role that stigma plays in diverse communities and its impact on the access and utilization of services, and a social justice focus that explores the role of advocacy for individuals from diverse backgrounds and at varying stages of development.

A second objective is a broadly defined focus on multicultural counseling competencies that features exploring practice and training models that promote the development of multicultural competence among trainees, supervisors, and practitioners.  This area also includes an examination of the role of language and diverse linguistic contexts as an aspect of multicultural competence.

Lastly, I intend to concentrate on racial, ethnic, and cultural concerns. This critical area is the focus of JMCD scholarship and addresses variables such as race, culture, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ability, acculturation, and social class.  The journal will further examine how these variables interact between individual and reference group identities. Also within this focus is observing immigration experiences among diverse communities, understanding how a context of oppression influences contemporary human interaction such as bullying and domestic violence, and understanding manifestations of trauma and resilience from a cross-cultural perspective.

As we move forward with a new editorial team, editorial board, and the Consulting Elders Council, we welcome receiving your manuscripts and keeping at the forefront of a multicultural scientist-practitioner perspective.  We have moved to a ScholarOne online submission and review process, the goal being to facilitate scholarly review and the feedback process.  We are also aiming to publish two Special Issues; one focused on contributions from our Consulting Elders Council that discuss the history of multicultural counseling and development, the state of current research and practice, and implications for future developments in the field.  A second proposed Special Issue is to examine resilience from a cultural frame of reference, exploring the ways in which culture, racial, ethnic, and gender identities contribute to resilience, or the ability to overcome adversity. 

We welcome you to our new team and our ongoing commitment to JMCD’s contribution.



Caroline S.  Clauss-Ehlers, Ph.D.
Editor, JMCD